Fees for Term 1 starting 8th Sep 2019 to 21st Dec 2019 (15weeks)

Payment Terms

  • A registration fee of Dhs.100 per academic year.
  • The fees are charged per term and should be paid in full on the first class. Please note that we accept cash payments only.
  • A trial class is charged at the hourly rate above.
  • Strictly no refund.

Makeup Class Policy

As a courtesy to its members, DEGA will be offering 2 makeup classes per gymnast per term which should be requested and approved in advance. Makeups are subject to the following conditions:

  • Makeup classes shall be granted within 4 weeks from the date of request;
  • DEGA reserves the right to refuse a makeup class if places are not available within the program as to not jeopardize the safety and lessen the experience of the children who registered and paid for that class;
  • Make-up classes should be redeemed within the same term.
  • Private Classes

    Sunday to Thursday 3-4 PM and 4-5 PM - 300AED for 1 hour.
    We have a package for 10 classes for only 2800AED
  • DEGA Team Hourly Rates

    • TEAM (3 times a week)
      AED 40
    • TEAM (4 times a week)
      AED 35
    • TEAM (5 times a week)
      AED 30
    • TEAM (6 times a week)
      AED 27
  • Class Rates

    • 1-hour class 4 & 5 yrs
      AED 70
    • 1-hour class (2 times a week)
      AED 60
    • 1-hour class (3 times a week)
      AED 50
    • 2-hour class (1 time a week)
      AED 130
    • 2-hour class ( 2 times a week)
      AED 120
    • 2-hour class (3 times a week)
      AED 100